How to group apps on the taskbar on Windows 10

The taskbar has not changed in terms of functionality over the years. Windows 10 is five years old but has yet to make any noticeable changes to this particular part of the OS except add a check bar.

The taskbar shows active or running apps, allowing users to switch between apps by clicking on their icon, and this is where users will be able to access the apps in use. often crushed. The taskbar doesn’t take up much space though as users have to pick and choose which apps to pin or the apps that are open will be hidden in an overflow menu.

Group applications on Taskbar

One feature that has been lacking, and much needed, is the collection of apps on the Taskbar. This goes for the pinned apps as they will take up space whether they are open or not.

To put apps together on the Taskbar you need an app called Taskbar groups.

  1. Download and run Taskbar groups from Github.
  2. Click Add Taskbar group.
  3. Choose a PNG file for organization image. Be aware of the image as it must be visible on the task.
  4. Enter a name for the group.
  5. Click Add a new shortcut.

  1. Select the EXE of the app you want to join the group. It does not need to be attached to the taskbar.
  2. Once you’ve added all the apps you want, click Save.
  3. Open the a folder that contains the executable file of Taskbar groups is inside.
  4. Open the Summary pack of the womb.
  5. Right-click on the next button of the group you created.
  6. Choose Pin to taskbar.

  1. The A group of task bars will be crushed.
  2. Click on it, and it will appear apps in the group.
  3. Click on an app to open.


Taskbar Groups is a newly developed app. It works very well but there are some limitations. For one, if you use it to create a bunch of Chrome profiles, all of which can be linked to the taskbar, they all appear as examples of Chrome.

The app accepts exe of file or shortcut. In some cases, shortcut will not work and you have to select the action. The app still doesn’t support UWP apps.


Taskbar groups have its limitations but it is still an excellent app that provides a much-needed feature. Setting up a task force group could not be easier and there are several customization options that the app provides. Users can select a PNG file as an image and do not need to create an ICO file for it. It is a shame that this feature is not provided by Windows 10 as a stock feature.

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