How to Hide the Teams Meeting Control Taskbar

The video conferencing tools of the apps are more complex so you will expect a UI that will give you some learning and getting used to it. UI for complex apps requires checking two boxes; it should be easy to work out, and should still offer the expected features.

Video calling apps will never be alone. They always have a chat feature. Other features that can be expected with a video call app are screen sharing, file sharing, sending / removing more people to group calls aka aka, turning their mic / camera on or off, etc.

Microsoft Team Video Calls

Microsoft Teams are no different when it comes to video calling; it has a full set of in-call features / tools that users will find. These tools include toggles for turning the mic and camera on / off, blurring the background, hanging up a call, options to manage device settings, start recording a call, and more.

Microsoft Team meets control taskbar

Hiding the Microsoft Team meeting control taskbar is simple.

  1. Open Microsoft teams.
  2. Start a call.
  3. Move the mouse away/ off the taskbar.
  4. The the taskbar will disappear in a few seconds.

Old vs. new Microsoft teams UI

You should be aware that, by now, there are two different versions of the UI call in Microsoft Teams. One version shows the flexible taskbar which disappears after a few seconds, and the other has a bar at the top which does not disappear.

The new UI is a work in progress, to such an extent that full-screen control is not yet a part of it. If you see the new UI, you need to switch to the old one to get rid of the taskbar.

  1. Open Microsoft teams.
  2. Click on your profile at the top right.
  3. Choose Circumstances.
  4. Go to General tab.
  5. Uncheck the Turn on new meeting experiences; option.
  6. Restart Microsoft Teams.

Taking screenshots

If you use the Win + PrntScrn keyboard shortcut to capture a screenshot of a Microsoft Team video call, you will find that the taskbar reappears before the screenshot can be captured. To capture a screenshot without the taskbar, you have the following options.

  • Use the PrintScrn key to capture the screen, and fold it into a Paint file.
  • Map a third-party screenshot tool like Greenshot to the PrintScrn button and use it to take screenshots.
  • Take a time-lapse screenshot using the Snip & Sketch tool.
  • Use the Snipping tool on Windows 10.


Microsoft has been developing Teams since seeing an increase in their user base this year. Some new features such as the Meet Together feature have already been introduced but with others, there is still a lot to do. The users did not like the new / experimental UI and there is a strong effort in restore full screen option.

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