How to install a custom keyboard layout on Windows 10

Windows 10 has a long list of keyboard tools that a user can add to their system. These versions serve several languages ​​including Mandarin and Arabic, and are available for all types of keyboards.

Installing a keyboard layout is easy on Windows 10; you only have to select one from a list and it will be added. Users can switch between keyboard design on the fly with keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift).

Custom keyboard layout

All Windows 10 keyboard designs are preset and cannot be edited. To get the default keyboard layout, you need to either download it or create one yourself.

Create a keyboard layout

Creating a keyboard layout is easy but it takes time as each key has to be mapped individually. Try to find a ready-made keyboard layout if you can. If a ready-made keyboard layout is not available, you must make the layout yourself.

  1. Download an Microsoft keyboard layout creator.
  2. Run the app and tap on each key, one-on-one.
  3. Select the key you want to map to it.
  4. Map the entire keyboard.
  5. go to Project> Build DLL and Set Package.
  6. Save the shape.

Install a custom keyboard layout

A keyboard layout, whether made specifically by Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator or downloaded by you, will be an executable or installation file. Installing it is as easy as installing any app.

  1. Open File Explorer and address to the Exe or MSI file for the keyboard layout.
  2. Run the file.
  3. Allow the application admin permission to install it (The keyboard is set to default language).

  1. Open the Options app.
  2. go to Time & Language.
  3. Select the Language tab.
  4. Select the conventional language.
  5. Click on the keyboard button below.
  6. The layout of the default and new keyboard will be listed. Remove the one you do not want to use.


Keyboard design for common languages ​​such as English is more common. If you need to enter a language that does not have many versions available, or if you need to set up the keys in a format that you do not find in any configuration, then custom format is the best alternative. better.

It’s worth mentioning that if you only need to change one or two keys, you can do so by redesigning them instead of creating a custom layout. Replacement tools like AutoHotKey and PowerToys are good options. If you remove the format at any time, you can still use the MSI or EXE file to reinstall it.

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