How to install Mouse drivers on Windows 10

Mouse works out of the box on Windows 10. It works even if you’re still on the start screen where Windows 10 asks you to enable special permissions, set up Cortana, and configure a keyboard layout. election.

The mouse is basic hardware so Windows 10 has standard drivers ready for it but they are not going to give you the best user experience. It is always helpful to have the idea of ​​replacing the sexual ones with the correct mouse drivers.

install mouse drivers

Mouse drivers on Windows 10

Mouse drivers on Windows 10 are available from three different locations;

Windows Updates: If Windows 10 thinks their generic drivers are outdated, they will find and install proprietary mouse drivers through Windows updates. This will be a random process so it is possible but it can still leave outdated and / or outdated drivers.

Computer Manufacturer’s Website: Computer manufacturers like Dell, HP, Lenovo, and others provide drivers for the systems they sell. You can find and download the best mouse driver for your system.

Mouse manufacturer website: If you have a Logitech mouse, you can download drivers for it from the official website. Additionally, you can download mouse drivers from Synaptics or Elan, no matter what mouse you have. They both have excellent drivers.

Build the right driver for your mouse

When it comes to picking the right driver, you have all three options above. We recommend getting the driver from your computer manufacturer’s website. If you built the computer yourself, try Synaptics’ Touchpad drivers.

Mouse drivers installed through Windows Updates can be outdated and can cause more problems.

Install mouse drivers on Windows 10

To install mouse drivers on Windows 10, follow these steps.

  1. Download the mouse driver.
  2. Run the executable file.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Restart the system once the installation is complete.

Mouse drivers via Windows Update

If you can’t find mouse drivers from other sources, you can install them from Windows Updates.

  1. Open Device manager.
  2. Expand Mice and other point devices.
  3. Double-click your mouse.
  4. Go to Drivers tab.
  5. Click Driver Update.
  6. Select Automatic Search for drivers.
  7. Install any new drivers obtained.
  8. If no updates are found, click Find updated drivers on Windows Updates.
  9. Restart the system after installing mouse drivers.

Mouse drivers vs Touchpad drivers

Mouse drivers are usually sexual even if you get them from Synaptics or Elan. This is simply because a mouse itself is common. Logitech mice are slightly different but will also work with sexual drivers.

Touchpads are different and it is usually more important to install drivers for a touchpad than it is for a mouse. That said, installing touchpad drivers can correct any problems you may have with the mouse.

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