How to install optional updates on Windows 10

Windows 10 updates are brutal when the installation is required. You may be surprised to learn that Windows 10 does not install all updates securely. Of course there are many updates that Windows 10 won’t tell you even if they were available. These are optional updates.

Optional updates are not security areas, nor do they show updates. An optional update is a driver update or firmware update for your system manufacturer, or they will get a summary name ‘Other’.

Optional Windows 10 updates

Optional Windows 10 update may or may not be from Microsoft. Optional updates often include driver updates that are mostly from device manufacturers like Intel and are signed and approved by Microsoft for delivery through Windows Updates.

Although these updates are collected as ‘Optional’ some of them may be useful for installation. If nothing else, if you install an update through Windows Updates, there will always be an option to easily restore if something goes wrong.

Install optional updates on Windows 10

To check and install optional updates on Windows 10, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Options app (Keyboard shortcut Win + I).
  2. go to Update and security.
  3. Select the Windows Update Tab.
  4. Click ‘Check for ‘optional updates’.
  5. On the next screen, expand driver updates and Other updates.

  1. Select the updates you want to download and install.
  2. Click on the ‘Download and Install’ button.
  3. The update downloads and installs. Your system may restart, depending on the update.

Required ‘See optional updates

If you want to check for any available optional updates, but the ‘View optional updates’ option is required, it means that there are no optional updates of any kind to install.

Windows 10 regularly checks for updates and when it does, it checks for all types of updates. Additionally, when you press the ‘Check for updates’ button, and manually check for updates, Windows will again run a check for optional updates. If they are not available, the ‘View optional updates’ option may not appear at all.

Optional updates are not distributed for everyone in uniform. They are subject to the hardware running on a system. Some Windows 10 users may see an optional update while others may not.

Old-fashioned updates

Optional updates often feature updates that are years old. In some cases, you may see an update dating back to 1970 (see image below).

This is not a mistake. Most updates are updated to date eg 2016 or 2013 but Intel update is dated 1970. This old driver is not specifically installed on modern day systems today. It is backed up so that it does not overwrite newer and more compatible drivers that are already installed.

Therefore, you should not install a driver as old. It is listed for the rare system it requires and technically should not appear on your system. That said, just because it appears now doesn’t mean you should install it.

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