How to make a Blast furnace in Minecraft

Minecraft features all block types; some can be used in their original form and others can be fused to make other types of blocks. You will find that a large number of blocks are going to be something else or an ingredient for something else by melting.

Minecraft blast furnace

Minecraft blast furnace

A furnace is a basic craft tool in Minecraft, and it is easy to make. You only have eight blocks of tapestry, one of the most common blocks in Minecraft. A furnace smells of sand, stone, food, and more but it takes a long time.

Consumers who have a lot of blocks to smell can choose more than one furnace or, they can cure a blast furnace in Minecraft.

A blast furnace is basically a furnace that operates twice as fast as a conventional furnace. It also needs to build iron but iron is very common, and is worth the speed it adds to the melting process.

Create a blast furnace in Minecraft

To create a blast furnace in Minecraft, you need;

  • Five iron ingots
  • Foundry
  • Three blocks of flat stone

To get the above though, you have to craft other things first. We will break it down step by step. Make sure you have an iron pickaxe and a craft board ready, and then follow the steps below.

Craft resources for Blast furnace

  1. Me five iron blocks.
  2. Me 2 blocks of coal.
  3. Mine 11 blocks of stone to get cobblestone.
  4. Use eight blocks of tapestry to form a furnace.Leave the middle square empty.
  5. Use the furnace and melting three blocks of tapestry into a stone.
  6. Put the stone back into the furnace and smell it again to get a smooth stone.

You now have an iron, a furnace and a flat stone.

Craft blasting furnace

To cure the blast furnace from the facilities we created, follow these steps.

On the crafting board;

  1. Put the furnace in the middle square.
  2. Location flat stone on the lower row.
  3. Add iron ingots to all remaining empty squares.
  4. Assemble the blast furnace.


A blast furnace smells faster though, you can’t use it for cooking. It is used only for mine blocks, and for creating tools or weapons. If you want to cook faster, you should look inwards for smoking. In terms of fuel efficiency, the blast furnace is no more efficient than a regular furnace. It consumes fuel at the same rate however, like the furnace, it will be able to accept all types of fuel and will not work with coal alone. If you plan to make a crafting weapon, this is a must.

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