How to merge two folders on Windows 10

Copying and moving files on Windows 10 has changed. The change is subtle but extraordinarily useful. You will see this if you copy a file or folders with the same name to a new destination.

When you move a file to a location with another file with the same name and extension, Windows 10 will ask if you want to replace or keep the file in the destination. If you choose to keep it, the file will not be moved.

Trying to do the same for a folder will result in different results if the contents of the folder are different but not the names.

Merge folders in Windows 10

Windows 10 can automatically merge the contents of two folders of the same name if you copy the folder from one place to another.

  1. Find the two folders you want to merge. If they do not have the same name, rename it so that the names are identical.
  2. Select one of the two folders and tap Ctrl + C.
  3. Navigate to the second file’s location.
  4. Tap on the Ctrl + V keyboard shortcut.
  5. The two folders will be merged automatically. The destination folder has files of both.
  6. If you see a quick message that the destination folder has files with the same name you can replace it, or skip it. In both cases, the contents of the first folder will be added with the second.

Replace the folder on Windows 10

Windows replaced the folder when it was copied to a destination with a folder of the same name. It now adds standard folders. Follow these steps to replace a directory.

  1. Search the folder you want to replace.
  2. Choose it, en tap the Delete key on the keyboard to remove the folder.
  3. Once the folder has been removed, you can do so copy and paste the folder to the new destination.

The replacement feature has been removed, so the only way to replace a folder is to remove the conflict or rename it to something else.


It is annoying that the replacement function has been removed, but the new merging method for moving folders has a slight advantage; you will not accidentally overwrite or delete files. When replacing files or folders, it is almost impossible to recover them. Merge may result in a larger folder, but your files will not be lost unless you manually delete a folder. Even in that case, you can usually take it out of the trash.

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