How to mute Windows 10 on schedule

Windows 10 has a built-in action logging app that you can use to run scripts on a schedule or on specific events. If you know how to write a script, you can use scheduled action to set up all sorts of automated events and actions.

The events in the action schedule are somewhat limited, and similarly, the actions that can be triggered are limited if you do not use a script. This basically means that, in most cases, the work schedule is as useful as the script you need to go with it.

Mute Windows 10 on the schedule

Without a script or app that you can pull from Task Scheduler, you need to go to other automation apps that specifically automate a certain type of event on Windows 10.

If you want to schedule and take out Windows 10 every day, you can use a script or you can use an app called MultiTimer.

  1. Download and run MultiTimer from a official website.
  2. Go to Control tab.
  3. Click on one of the additional days.
  4. Enter when ie what time you want to move the system.
  5. Open the Noise breakdown.
  6. Choose ‘Off’ to move it or ‘Toggle’ to change its current state ie, if welded, it will be extracted. If it is motionless, it will be cured.
  7. Click Enter.
  8. Click Rach.
  9. Download the app and work in the background.

Unmute Windows 10 on the schedule

You can use this same app to get Windows 10 out of schedule.

  1. Open Multitimer.
  2. Go to Control tab.
  3. Choose a day slot or add one.
  4. Choose a time.
  5. Open the Sound down and select ‘On’, or ‘Toggle’.
  6. Click Enter and then click Go.
  7. Windows 10 not scheduled.

Turn monitor On / Off

MultiTimer can be used to turn the monitor on or off depending on the tablet. In addition to a timeline, you can also set the app to work with a timer from the Countdown tab.

Do you need to move / remove the mic? Try this.


MultiTimer allows users to add as many events as possible. Depending on what works for you, the On / Off and Toggle options can be used. Toggle always changes the state of the sound while On / Off ensures that the system sound is in a certain state.

If you often forget to move your system late at night, or early when you start work, this is a great way to automate. You need to have the app so that it can weld / release the sound of the system.

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