How to preload thumbnails for files and folders on Windows 10

File Explorer is the default file manager on Windows 10. It offers many ways to sort and combine files and folders. It also offers multiple formats for viewing items in a folder such as details, lists, and toes of all sizes.

For images, audio files, and video files, as well as folders that may contain a combination of one of these three file types, using the image format makes sense. It lets users take a quick look at what a folder is or what a file is.

Devices in File Explorer

File Explorer can generate thumbs for many different file types but only generates them when a folder is accessed. Often, you need to scroll through the entire folder, past all files and subfolders, to create a thumbnail for each one.

Since the toes are only generated when a user opens a folder, when you reach a folder with a lot of files (For example a photo library), it is slow to open and the toes load while which you write instead of already loaded.

Preload toes for files and folders

To make browsing easier, and faster, you can download thumbs up for files and folders on Windows 10. To do this, you need to install a free open source app called. WinThumbsPreloader. Follow these steps to install and use the app to download toes.

  1. Download WinThumbsPreloader from Github.
  2. Install the app.
  3. Open File Explorer.
  4. Navigate to the folder with files and folders you want to download thumbs up for.
  5. Right click the folder and select WinThumbsPreloader> Preload Thumbnails.

  1. Allow the app to download toes for the package. It shouldn’t take long but having more files and folders means more time to generate thumbs.
  2. Open the folder and everything detail shows things.

Loading toes regularly

If you have a folder to which you add more files frequently, and you tend to add a lot of them at once, you should use WinThumbsPreloader to recycle toes. Right-click the folder and select the Preload Thumbnails Recursively option from the app submenu.


If you often have to wait for File Explorer to load files in a folder before you can scroll through and open one of them, ie, you have found that File Explorer is slow, this is a good way to repair. File Explorer tends to be slow because it generates toes. With this app, you can load the toes before opening the folder, speeding up the process effectively.

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