How to Turn Off Airplane Mode in Windows 10 (Full Guide)

Windows 10 runs on both desktops / laptops, and on tablets. These devices have different types of radio switches that allow them to establish different types of connections with other networks and devices eg, WiFi version and Bluetooth version.

On Windows 10, both the WiFi and Bluetooth can be turned off separately ie you can turn both off or you can turn off one and keep the other on. To make it simpler to turn off all radio versions, Windows 10 has Airplane mode.

How to turn off airplane mode in Windows 10

Turn off Airplane mode in Windows 10

If Airplane mode is turned on, you will see an Airplane icon in the system tray. This image will replace the WiFi or Ethernet image that typically shows a network connection.

Airplane mode is easy to turn on or off but if you don’t know where the control / lift is for it, you may not know how to turn it off.

1. Action Center

The easiest way to turn Airplane mode off in Windows 10 is to use the Action Center. There is a dedicated toggle that allows you to turn it on or off.

  1. Tap on the Win + Keyboard shortening.
  2. In the panel that opens on the right, click the Airplane mode button.
  3. The pressing the button will disappear indicating that it is now off.

2. WiFi network panel

When Airplane mode is on, an airplane image is added to the system tray. Clicking on this airplane icon will open the WiFi network panel that has a toggle to turn Airplane mode on or off.

  1. Click on the plane image in system tray.
  2. In the panel that opens, click on the Airplane plane.
  3. The best thing goes is the toggle and Flight mode will be disabled.

3. App options

You can also turn Airplane mode from Options up but this is the most complex method listed here.

  1. Tap on the Shortcut the Win + I keyboard to open the Settings app.
  2. go to Network and internet.
  3. Select the Flight mode tab.
  4. Turn the turn off at the top of it.

Turn off airplane mode

4. Dedicated key on the keyboard

If you’re wondering how you could have accidentally turned on Airplane mode, it looks like the keyboard is the culture. Many keyboards, especially indoor ones that come with laptops, have a special key to turn the WiFi on or off. On Windows 10, this key maps to Airplane mode. By tapping it will turn Airplane Mode on, and by tapping again, it will turn off.

Look for a key with WiFi image or antenna image on it and tap on it. Flight mode will be disabled.


Flight mode disables all wireless communications on a system. It’s a killer turn but a soft one that won’t bother you more than it should. If you ever need to quickly turn off the internet and Bluetooth, this is useful.

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