How to use Minecraft color codes

Minecraft has a large number of building blocks that can be used to craft materials. Each block has its own texture and users can change how a block looks with different texture folders.

Most Minecraft are all blocks except items that are made or mined eg, ax, seeds, weapons, almost everything food, etc. There is only one thing that can be used to enter text; signs. In addition to signage, you can also send text-based messages.

Minecraft color codes

Both signs and messages are displayed in white by default however you can use some Minecraft format and color codes to change the color of text in a sign or message.

minecraft color codes

The color codes are given below. you can preview them here. 

Color Code
Dark red §4
Red §C
Gold §6
Yellow §E
Dark green §2
Green §A
Aqua §B
Aqua dark §3
Dark blue §1
Blue §9
Light purple §D.
Dark purple §5
White §F
gray §7
Dark gray §8
black §0

Use Minecraft color codes

There is only one simple trick in using Minecraft color codes and that is to know what symbol will be used to express it. If you look at the table above, the symbol is included with the color code; § (section symbol).

  1. Open Minecraft.
  2. Start either a chat or click sign to enter text.
  3. Insert section symbol with tapping Alt + 0167.
  4. Enter the number for the color you want to use eg turn 4 the text red.
  5. Enter the message or a label for a sign.
  6. Send the message or exit the edit sign screen.
  7. The text will appear in the selected color.

Text colors can be changed on any device that allows a user to enter the section icon and most devices running Minecraft support it. If you are on a mobile device that does not have this symbol by default, consider installing a third-party keyboard.


It is not difficult to place text in a color other than white, or to arrange a sign in a different color. The only trick is to remember what number is related to color. Just like most things in Minecraft, you start to remember the number for color once you have used it a few times. If it doesn’t, you can write it down on paper and keep it handy. The color will be visible to everyone whether they can enter text themselves in different colors.

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