How to view ping on the system tray on Windows 10

Ping is a small, but very important part of an internet connection. You may have a fast connection and a lot of bandwidth but if your ping is high, you will end up with poor browsing experience and a very poor gaming experience with online games.


Ping can change; it can be low or high during a day or even an hour and this indicates an unstable internet connection (among other things). We’ve gone over how you can set alerts for high ping on Windows 10. Here’s how to see live ping on the taskbar on Windows 10.

Check for ping on the system tray

To view the ping on the system tray, you need to use an app named PingoMeter. It’s free and open source.

  1. Download PingoMeter from Github.
  2. Run the app (no installation required).
  3. The app will launch the image to system tray.
  4. If your ping is good, you will see a green graph on the image.
  5. If your ping is normal, you will see a yellow graph on the image.
  6. If your tha ping dona, you will see a red graph.

Configuring PingoMeter

PingoMeter asks the user to set the maximum ping value which is then used to determine what is good, normal and bad.

For example, the app sets a maximum ping to 250 by default. With this value, my ping was always good. I reduced the maximum ping value to 100. My connection quickly showed that it was riding through a good, normal and bad ping within seconds.

To get an even more accurate view of the ping, you can change the refresh time from 3000 ms to something lower. The minimum value you can set for it is 50 ms.

Ping warning

PingoMeter allows users to set alerts for when your connection has expired, the link was lost, and when it was restored.

To enable these alerts;

  1. Right click the PingoMeter icon in the system tray.
  2. Choose Location.
  3. go to Advanced Tab.
  4. Enable the alerts you want to get.

Change Ping address

By default, PingoMeter provides a Google DNS server for a response, which is reasonable. If you want to use the ping tracking tool for a specific IP address, you can change the address in the app settings.

  1. Right-click on the PingoMeter icon in the system tray.
  2. Choose Location.
  3. Go to Advanced Tab.
  4. Enter the IP address in Ping IP address field.
  5. Click Enter.


Ping is essential for live events eg, live stream or online game. If you are browsing the web ie, visiting static websites only, high ping will not be a problem too much. That said, even for normal browsing, there will be a limit to how high the ping can go before you run into problems.


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