Is Adobe Creative Cloud Draining Battery Too Fast? Here’s What to Do

Suite of Adobe creative apps usually requires a lot of processing power and often uses the GPU to process many tasks. Apps that require more processing power cause the CPU to consume more power and are expected to behave. That said, one app will rarely be able to drain a laptop or tablet battery by itself.

There are exceptions to how much battery one app can drain. For example, a game running at high FPS or a movie played in 4K will definitely lead to exceptional battery drain. Similarly, Photoshop, After Effects, and InDesign drain the battery faster but not as fast as a game.

Adobe Creative Cloud Too Fast Drainage Battery

Why is my battery draining so fast?

Adobe apps may drain more battery than some of the other applications on your system, but they do not all have the same level of power consumption. Creative Cloud does little in terms of processing. Uploading files is a must if you use Adobe ‘s cloud storage solution but other than that, it doesn’t do much and stays in the background.

If you find that the Creative Cloud is draining the battery too quickly, run through these checks and then try the solution suggestions listed further below.

  • Make sure Creative Cloud does not update, download and / or install the Adobe app.
  • Monitor the CPU usage and power usage of the app from Task Manager while your system is connected to a power outage and compare it to battery power usage to make sure it is actually consuming a lot additional power.
  • Check the health of your battery. If it is old and depleted, it will hold less charges and dissipate much faster when more power is used. This is not something that can be fixed without recharging a battery.

Adobe Creative Cloud Fast Drainage Battery (FULL FIX)

1. Leave other apps powered on

All the apps consume some power since they all use the CPU. Some apps consume more power than others. If you need to use Creative Cloud or any of the Adobe apps while your system is on battery power, try disabling all apps with power. Leave the browser on, especially if Chrome is the browser you are using.

2. Disable syncing in Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud relies heavily on synchronization services and tends to consume more battery. You can enable them to reduce battery usage by the app.

  1. Open Creative Cloud.
  2. Click on the cloud image at the top right to get to cloud activity.
  3. On the pop-up, click on the cogwheel icon.
  4. Go to Sync tab.
  5. Pause syncing.
  6. Go to Services tab.
  7. Turn off Fonts.
  8. Leave and reset on Creative Cloud.

Creative Cloud Update

If you need to upgrade Adobe Creative Cloud, it may be running the update service again and thus consuming more battery power.

  1. Open Creative Cloud.
  2. go to Support> Check for updates.
  3. Allow the app to scan for and install updates.
  4. Restart all Adobe applications.

Clean Creative Cloud installation

If the problem is not updated, a clean installation of Creative Cloud will do the job. You need to uninstall Creative Cloud first and since we are going for a clean install, you need to use the Creative Cloud installer and not the Control Panel.

  1. Download the Creative Cloud Uninstaller from Adobe.
  2. Take out the package and run EXE there.
  3. Follow on-screen instructions and select ‘Creative Cloud Only’ to uninstall it.
  4. Once submitted, restart the system.
  5. Download Creative Cloud and install it again.


Adobe Creative Cloud does not need to be running all the time. Of course, you can skip the app and still use other Adobe apps without any problem. If Creative Cloud is still using too much battery power, you can skip the app and use your system for a comparatively longer battery life.

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