Microsoft Photos.exe High Memory Usage (SOLVED) on Windows 10

Photo Viewer is a stock image on Windows 10. It comes with basic image editing tools, a few image effects, and a video editor. The app runs into occasional problems, and tends to freeze when dealing with large photo albums, or when importing photos from devices such as phones no camara.

Photos may be a stock app but it’s not a Windows 10 flagship device. You can select any other image viewer and use it instead. The only problem is that even though you are free to use a different app, Photos tends to run in a suspended state.

High memory usage of Microsoft Photos.exe

Fix high memory usage of Microsoft.Photos.exe

The Photos app usually runs in a suspended state. In theory, this will allow you to start faster if you launch it but in practice it is useless. The app will take a long time to get out of its suspended state but if instead of running in a suspended state, Pictures uses a lot of memory, you have a different problem in your hands. Here’s how to do it.

1. Quit Photos background processes

If Photos has been running for a long time, and you don’t restart your system regularly, the app’s memory usage may eventually climb. Apparently this is one thing that could be fixed by restarting the system. Follow these steps.

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager.
  2. Go to Process tabs and select Photos Hosting Background.
  3. Click on the Complete the action button.
  4. look for Runtime Broker and select it.
  5. Click on the Task end button.
  6. Restart the system.

2. Turn off live tile

The Photos app supports live tile and sometimes that is the reason the app ends up using too much memory. The app usually involves making records of photos and generating thumbs up when it finds new photos on your system.

  1. Open the Start the record.
  2. Right-click on the Photos app and select More> Turn live tile off.
  3. Restart the system for good measure.

3. Disable OneDrive syncing

OneDrive syncs photos directly to the Photos app. OneDrive is another stock app on Windows 10 and tends to invade several different parts of the OS. The good news is, you can disable it from syncing photos to Photos.

  1. Open the Photo app.
  2. Click on the more options button at the top right.
  3. Choose Circumstances from the table.
  4. Remove the entire OneDrive folder places.
  5. Scroll down and turn the Turn off cloud-only content from OneDrive.
  6. Restart the system.

4. Uninstall and reset images

The Photos app updates from time to time, and also updates when Windows 10 receives a feature update. These updates may cause problems with the app and the easiest way to repair the app is to uninstall and reinstall it.

  1. Open PowerShell with administrative rights.
  2. Run this command to uninstall the Photos app.
Get-AppxPackage *photo* | Remove-AppxPackage
  1. Once installed, install the Photos app from Microsoft Store.

5. Try a different app

Photos are not bad but you will get better options for Windows 10. Try trying IrfanView or look for any other device. There are plenty of free third-party solutions that you can use instead.


The Photos app has had problems over the years. They tend to happen normally after a feature update but outside of updates, the app will run smoothly. On the off chance that it will not work, you can uninstall and reinstall the app to fix the problem.

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