OneDrive Not Syncing: How to Fix OneDrive Sync Issues on Windows 10

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud solution. It has a desktop app that allows you to sync your files and access them easily. If you’re running Windows 10, the OneDrive app is a stock app that connects you to the same Microsoft account you use on Windows 10.

OneDrive no syncing

Fix OneDrive or syncing on Windows 10

File synchronization is one of the main functions of the OneDrive app on Windows 10. If synchronization does not work, users will not be able to upload files to OneDrive and, similarly, will not be able to access the files. already uploaded. If OneDrive is not syncing, try these basic checks and then follow the configurations listed further below.

Basic studies

  • Try uploading or downloading a file from the OneDrive web app.
  • Check out OneDrive from below Microsoft service status page.
  • If you have Microsoft 365 apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) installed, check if you can open a file from OneDrive directly from the app.
  • Make sure your internet is working.

If the above review does not work, and the OneDrive app syncs, try the solutions below.

Disable third-party anti-virus apps

If you have a third-party anti-virus application installed on your system, try disabling it or adding OneDrive and Microsoft services to the app’s whitelist.

If you choose to disable the anti-virus, make sure you have Windows Defender enabled. You should not run a desktop without a virus.

1. Restart OneDrive

OneDrive may need to be restarted. His services may not be working or may go to waste. Restarting this app can fix it.

  1. Click on the OneDrive icon in the system tray.
  2. Click on the More button and select Close OneDrive.
  3. Reopen OneDrive.

2. Sign out and Sign in

If synchronization is stuck, signing in and back out can cause it to restart.

  1. Open OneDrive.
  2. Click on the Help and Options Button.
  3. Choose Circumstances.
  4. Go to Account tab.
  5. Click Unlink to this PC.
  6. Help OneDrive.
  7. Open OneDrive and sign in again.

3. Uninstall and reinstall OneDrive

OneDrive may have been corrupted. You can uninstall and reinstall the app to fix any problems it may have.

  1. Open the Options app.
  2. go to Apps.
  3. Find OneDrive in the apps list and select it.
  4. Click on the Uninstall button.
  5. Restart the system for good measure.
  6. Open File Explorer.
  7. Navigate to C:WindowsWinSxS.
  8. Use the search bar and look for OneDrive.
  9. Run the OneDriveSetup.exe file.
  10. OneDrive will be reinstalled.

4. Install the OneDrive desktop app

If the stock OneDrive app is not working, you can install the desktop version that is still available from Microsoft.

  1. Visit the OneDrive official page and click Download.
  2. Run the EXE file and install OneDrive.

OneDrive sync issues are accessible

The OneDrive app tends to run into problems now and then.

It is usually harmless to uninstall only if you have trouble syncing the app after reinstalling it, or if it stopped working after updating Windows 10, if you uninstall the app and if you install it again it will fix the problem.

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