Song Key Finder: The 5 Best Software to Find Song Keys (Windows 10)

Music is keyed. ‘Key’ is a technical term that describes the amount and volume of sound in music or song. If you’ve never listened to music, this may not matter to you but if you record music, or work with it in any other format, you should have a basic knowledge.

A music key helps to determine its feel ie, whether the music is soft, whether it is uplifting, it is active, whether it is morose, and so on. If you have trained your ear to recognize the key of a song or piece of music, you can identify it by playing it but for a large library of music clips, it is best to automate the process by find a prime finder.

Lead song tracker

Best software for finding song keys

Music is mathematical in many ways and that’s part of what makes it easy to find a song key with software. There are different types of major song detectors; some are online tools that you can use to upload and find a song, one at a time. They tend to be slow but are useful if you do not have a trained ear. There are also desktop tools that you can use to scan a complete library of music files to find their key. Here are the best tools for finding song keys.

1. KeyFinder

KeyFinder is a portable desktop app that scans multiple songs simultaneously and correctly identifies the key in which they are located.

  • Badge analysis
  • Portable desk tool
  • IDE tag identification
  • Mac app available
  • Assign custom names / codes to keys
  • Scan iTunes library
  • It is no longer in active development (but still working well).
  • Something is slow.

2. Rekordbox

Re-chord box is a very complex DJ device that can, among other things, analyze a track key. You can use it to change path key, and mix paths.

  • A complex app full of tools for professional or advanced DJs.
  • A free account must be created before the app can be used.
  • The app analyzes one song at a time (drag and drop it to the app’s UI).
  • There are free and paid versions

3. Song Key Finder with Vocal Remover

Lead song tracker is a web app but unlike many other web apps that can analyze a song key, this one allows users to select multiple files from their desktop. It scans them one-on-one so you don’t save time but upload files.

  • Supports multiple file selection.
  • The app / tab may crash if you select too many files at once.
  • BPM can be examined.

4. Virtual DJ

Meaningful DJ music folders / libraries are automatically found on your disk. You can add other folders that have your music collection or files configured.

  • Complex DJ software for handling and processing music
  • Scan and find the key for multiple files.
  • Right click on a file and select Analyze for BPM etc.
  • Provides additional route information.
  • Available for macOS.

Get a song key

Get a song key is another online tool for finding a music file key.

  • Simple interface.
  • Analyzing several songs at once.
  • Drag & drop a file to scan.

Lead Song Finder: Conclusion

If you are learning to produce music, it is usually a good idea to be able to recognize keys by ear. It will be helpful when you learn to play sheet music or when you are doing something. That said, for managing large libraries, tools like this can save time.

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