Steam Cloud Saves: How to Download and Delete Steam Saved Games

Steam uses cloud storage to save your games files and various data. It makes it possible to access your personalized settings on any computer you want to play on.

Once you install Steam on a new device, the app will load your cloud storage to your PC so you can continue to access your normal data even when you go offline.

However, sometimes Steam fails to download your information, and you may think that all your game data has been lost. It is not true because you can still download your Steam clouds manually. You need to know where to look.

Save Steam Cloud

Downloading Steam game files is especially useful when you want to play a game on a different platform. For example, if you’ve previously played on Windows and are currently switching to a Mac, Steam may have trouble downloading the game files across platforms. But you can help it by downloading the savings manually and then importing the files into Steam on Mac.

How to access and download Steam Cloud saves

Before attempting to download your Steam Cloud savings, you should make sure that they are actually uploaded to the Steam servers. To do this, you can check the update status of each game you are interested in.

How to enable Steam Cloud sync

  1. Launch Steam and get to your library
  2. Right click on a game and select real estateSteam shows you how to access game buildings
  3. in the General tab, comas Keep games saved in the Steam Cloudhow to keep game save in Steam Cloud
  4. Go to Updates tab
  5. set out Automatic updates to Always keep this game updatedhow to keep Steam games always updated
  6. Open this window, open the Steam schedule, and go to CircumstancesSteam will show you how to access the Settings menu
  7. Switch to the Cloud tab
  8. look up Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for supported applicationshow to enable Steam Cloud synchronization
  9. Click all right

Once you make sure that game files are synced to the cloud, you can easily download Steam Cloud saver to your device using any web browser.

How to download Steam Cloud save

  1. Open your web browser and access the Steam Cloud Page
  2. Sign in with your Steam account
  3. You can view all game files saved to Steam Cloud here. Find the game which files you want to download and click View filesSteam Cloud displays game files
  4. Click Download next to all fileshow to download Steam Cloud files
  5. Save the downloaded files to your computer

Some users for replay games from the beginning are looking for a solution to remove the savings from Steam Cloud. That’s because eliminating the offline save won’t definitely solve the issue.

How to delete Steam Cloud save

Unfortunately, getting rid of the Steam Cloud saver is quite challenging. Because Steam is always looking to update everything. But it is not impossible, as long as you follow the exact steps below.

  1. Open the Steam options, select the Cloud tab, and make sure Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for supported applications examinedhow to enable Steam Cloud synchronization
  2. Switch to the Updates tab and copy the App IDSteam shows the App ID
  3. Put off steam
  4. Right-click on the Windows taskbar and open it Executive ManagerWindows 10 shows you how to open Task Manager from the taskbar
  5. If you find any run Steam processes, complete all of themTask Manager shows you how to complete Steam tasks
  6. Open your file explorer and go to the Steam installation folder (e.g. C:Program Files (x86)Steam)
  7. Open the userdatadirectorySteam displays the userdata folder
  8. Find and open the game folder by looking for a App IDSteam will show you how to open an ID folder
  9. Open the remote substrateSteam shows you how to delete the remote folder
  10. Press and hold Shift, right-click on an empty space of the file explorer, and select Open a PowerShell window here
  11. sort of clc * and press EnterWindows PowerShell displays clc
  12. Revolution PowerShell. All files in the remote subfolder of ID folder should now be empty
  13. Go back up one level (to the App ID folder) and delete remotecache.vdfhow to delete the file delete Steam remotecache
  14. Launch Steam and your game until Cloud Sync Conflict screen
  15. Do not click on anything in the Cloud Sync Conflict conversation
  16. Return to the App ID folder to the remote package and remotecache.vdf file
  17. Turn back to Steam and click Upload to Steam Cloud
  18. While in the game, move on Steam settings
  19. in the Cloud tab, uncheck Steam Cloud synchronization for supported applications
  20. Return to your game, exit to the desktop, and complete all Steam processes
  21. Go back to App ID fold and discard completely
  22. Launch your game. Steam should not save game synchronization anymore


To bundle it, you can download your Steam Cloud savings to any computer by simply using a web browser and logging into your Steam account.

However, things get a bit of a controversy when it comes to deleting a Steam Cloud game save because there is no straightforward method. You will eventually get there, however, as long as you follow the instructions above on the letter.

Did you successfully erase your clouds and install Steam trick without syncing everything? Let us know in the comment field below.

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