Steam Workshop: How to Access Steam Workshop, What It Is

Steam is one of the largest digital streaming platforms in the world, with tens of millions of daily access. It offers gamers a perfect place to get the latest games, and it also helps game developers publish their titles and gain recognition.

However, there are other aspects of Steam that not many users are aware of, such as the Steam workshop.

Steam workshop

What is a steam workshop?

Integrated into the Steam client, the Steam Workshop is a Steam-only gaming community-driven tool, allowing both developers and regular users to share content that is compatible with Steam. suitable for Steam uploads and downloads, such as mods, maps, skins, and more.

How to access Steam Workshop

The Steam Workshop is completely free to use, and the only real limitation associated with it is your imagination and gaming library.

How do you access Steam Workshop?

As you know, downloading games and software through Steam is only possible if your Steam client is installed on your PC.

Well, this restriction does not extend to the Steam Workshop, as it can be accessed both from the Steam client, as well as the Steam website through a web browser.

However, if you choose to access it through your browser, you will need to log in first.

Can anyone add content to the Steam Workshop?

In short, anyone can add content to the Steam workshop, as long as they have a Steam account, and sign the binding agreement with Steam that appears every time you want content upload new.

The only real limitation in terms of creating and uploading content for the Steam Workshop is whether the game even supports mods, but that’s something that’s easy to get out.

Is the content on the Steam Workshop any good?

As previously mentioned, the content from the Steam Workshop can be added by all game developers, as well as players.

This is done so that the content varies in size and quality, although that does not mean that user-created content should be disregarded.

In fact, some even turn a profit through Steam Workshop by creating top-notch content and selling it.

The thing about high-end content is that it can also be paid back, following the same refund policy that Steam applies to its games as well.

Fortunately, those of you on a tight budget can also opt for free content, which is very plentiful anyway.

Where’s Steam Workshop? How do I use it?

In the example below, we’ll be using a Steam favorite called DotA 2, and show you how to download custom maps created by a community:

  1. Launch your Steam client, or go to Steam homepage on your web browser
  2. Go to Community Center, and select Workshop from the drop-down list
  3. Search for the DotA 2 Hub in the Find hubs search bar
  4. While in Hub DotA 2, go to Workshop tab
    • If a game you are looking for is without the Workshop tab, it means there is no mod support
  5. Look for something you want to do with your coin game, and press Download
    • If you do not currently have the default game, the button will be listed as + Subscribe instead

Once you have downloaded the standard content, it will be available within the game from its corresponding section, depending on the type of content (skin, custom maps, etc.).

Just like your standard Steam game or software, you can leave reviews and rate workshop items, as well as read other user reviews.

Ranking is important for Workshop items because, just like with the base game, it will affect how big it is, and how it is recommended and how it appears in search queries.

How do I remove the Steam Workshop item?

  1. Go back to the DotA 2 workshop tab as you did in the previous solution, and click on the Browse button
  2. From the drop-down list, click on it Subscribed items
  3. Look for the default content you want to remove, and hover your mouse over the Subscribed button
  4. Click on the Subscribed button to unsubscribe from it

Is Steam Workshop worth it?

Since using the Steam Workshop is completely free, we suggest you give it a try as you will never know what fun content the community has created. .

Additionally, since Steam Workshop content is synonymous with fanfiction, there is no limit to what you can upload or download, as long as the content comes under the Steam community guidelines.

Plus, even the paid content can be refunded if you’re not happy with it, so there’s nothing to lose if you decide to give it a try.


Overall, the Steam Workshop shows great potential for hosting interesting content, so they could take advantage of it.

Have you ever tried any custom content from the Steam Workshop?

If so, let us know what you found interesting there by telling us about it in the comments section below.

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